Centralasiengrupperna söker projekt- och partnerskapsutvecklare

Centralasiengrupperna (CAG) är en ideell organisation som är baserad i Malmö. Vi verkar huvudsakligen i postsovjetiska Centralasien inom tematiska områden som mänskliga rättigheter, ungdomsfrågor, genus/HBTQ och kultur, i nära samarbete med centralasiatiska gräsrötter och aktivister. Vi har också vissa projekt och satsningar i Sverige. Nu söker vi en projekt- och partnerskapsutvecklare för att utveckla, fördjupa och expandera våra partnerskap och satsningar inom de tematiska områdena genus och unga. Arbetsuppgifter Som projekt- och partnerskapsutvecklare kommer du att: – Utveckla och fördjupa Centralasiengruppernas partnerskap inom civilsamhället i Centralasien och Ryssland. – Ta fram nya projekt i nära samarbete med våra centralasiatiska och […]

(English) Coming home from Kyrgyzstan – three months later

It has now almost been three months since me and Emma arrived back in Sweden, after spending four months in Osh, Kyrgyzstan. Previously when I’ve spent some time abroad, I’ve marvelled at the fact that your life just goes back to normal so quickly; you meet up with old friends, walk the same streets as you’ve always walked before, go back to work or school – and all of a sudden it’s like you forget that you’ve just spent the last four or six months in a foreign country – with new friends and different streets – and that you, […]

(English) A visit from Sweden

In correspondence with the close partnership that Centralasiengrupperna and Novi Ritm share, this week Annika (Coordinator on Gender and Women’s Rights) and Jessica (previous EVS-volunteer at Novi Ritm and currently working with budgeting and economy in the two projects on a voluntary basis) are visiting from Sweden, the main purpose being to evaluate not only how the projects are coming along, but also in what ways we can continue our partnership. Today we spent the day outside of Osh, namely in Alay (roughly one and half hours drive from Osh), with the purpose of doing a bit of teambuilding but […]

(English) Part 1. Women’s Roles in the Construction of Identity in Kyrgyzstan: What is Kyrgyz National Identity?

Welcome to the first blogpost in the miniseries about the roles of women in Kyrgyz national identity! This post will be dedicated to clarify some concepts, such as national identity and gender, and shortly explain how and why they relate to each other. I will present a few theories of how national identity is constructed and maintained, to elaborate on my first out of three questions presented in my introductory post: What has been central in the construction of Kyrgyz national identity post-independence? What is National Identity? The understanding of a nation can be manifold. Several scholars from many different […]

(English) Comics workshop on Gender Issues in Osh

Novi Ritm in Osh hosted a unique two days workshop on how to create comics and share girls problems in a patriarchial society. Workshops were organized by four members of the Swedish feminist collective of cartoonists Dotterbolaget with the collaboration between Centralasiengrupperna. During the first day participants learnt basics of comic drawing and different methods. On the second day, girls depending on their interest and will, were divided into 4 small groups, where they created their own comics on themes such as: bride-kidnapping, street harassment, violence against women and stereotypes. ”Girls group” played a big role in organizing the workshops. […]

Centralasiendagarna 2015

Äntligen kan vi på Centralasiengrupperna bjuda in er till Centralasiendagarna igen! Den 22 och 24 maj kör vi och i år har vi flyttat till Stockholm och bjudit in internationella gäster. Vi kommer bjuda på panelsamtal, föredrag, utställning och filmvisning och samtidigt sprida information om Centralasien till både en bred allmänhet och för de redan invigda entusiasterna. Vi vill belysa en annars så obelyst region utifrån olika perspektiv. Språket för dagarna kommer vara engelska. Har du frågor kontakta filippa@centralasien.org Fredag 22 maj 12.00-17.00 Kungliga Myntkabinettet Slottsbacken 6 Stora Rummet 12.00-13.00 Lunchmingel inklusive introduktion 13.00-14.30 Panelsamtal: Mänskliga Rättigheter i Kirgizistan – […]

(English)After UNiTE

Hi all, Hope you are well! Time flies, now it is more than a week since the Youth UNiTE- campaign finished and I am happy to say that it went very well! Both people that we knew from before as well as new acquaintances showed up (and I think that even more interested would have showed up had we not shared event days with other happenings such as “Volunteer Day” (a day when students are helping in the society with e.g. stopping cars and helping young and old crossing the street) and even though I do not know Russian, everyone […]

(English) UNiTE campaign coming up!

Hi everyone, This time my blog post will be in English! I know we don’t write on the blog as often as we would like to, but that is because we are busy doing things 🙂 We will try to get a bit better though, but for now, let me tell you a bit about the upcoming event that we have been working on: Youth UNiTE! This three-day event will take place from tomorrow (Thursday) till Saturday, and is within the frame of the UNiTE to end Violence against Women, an UN campaign, which is facilitated by UN Women. It […]

Föredrag: Post-soviet Kyrgyzstan in transition to WHAT? – perspectives of feminist youth and teenagers

Centralasiengrupperna i Malmö arrangerar ett föredrag om feminism i Kirgizistan. Varmt välkommen på onsdag 5 november kl 18.30-20.00 på Garaget Malmö! ”Speaking up among tokenization and misuse of the girl empowerment agenda” with Dariya Kasmamytova from Girl Activists of Kyrgyzstan ”Human rights as a radical agenda, youth activism in times of backlash” by Saadat Baigazieva from Bishkek Feminist Collective SQ The seminar will be held in english. For more information please contact Gustaf Sörnmo, gustaf@centralasien.org, 0736467661 Centralasiengrupperna arranges a lecture on feminism in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia. Warmly welcome the 5th November at 18.30-20.00 @ Garaget library in Malmö, to […]

Centralasiendagarna 23-24 maj 2014

23-24 maj arrangerar Centralasiengrupperna Centralasiendagarna i Malmö och Lund för första gången. Konsert, samtal och föreläsningar i Malmö samt filmvisning i Lund. Vi vill belysa en annars så obelyst region utifrån olika perspektiv; säkerhet, kultur, feminism, religion läs mer på www.centralasien.org eller kontakta filippa@centralasien.org ————————- Fredag 23e maj VED – konsert och samtal, Kontrapunkt kl. 19.00 Konsert och samtal med bandet VED som turnerat Centralasien under våren. Centralasiatisk mat och annat finns att köpa på plats! Endast Kontrapunkt-medlemmar. Bli medlem på www.kontrapunktmalmo.net ————————- Lördag 24e maj Samtal och Föreläsningar, Garaget 12.00 Hur är det att arbeta som journalist i Uzbekistan, […]