Praktikant med inriktning genus/tjejers rättigheter (med placering Kirgizistan)

  Letar du efter något spännande och meningsfullt att göra i höst? Se hit! Centralasiengrupperna söker nu två praktikanter som under hösten vill arbeta med genus/kvinnors rättigheter hos en av våra partnerorganisationer i Kirgizistan. Centralasiengrupperna (CAG) är en ideell, volontärdriven organisation som är baserad i Malmö. Vi verkar huvudsakligen i postsovjetiska Centralasien inom tematiska områden som mänskliga rättigheter, konflikthantering, ungdomsfrågor, genus/HBTQ och miljö/klimat, men har också projekt i Sverige. Vi söker nu två praktikanter som vill arbeta med utbildningsinsatser och metodutveckling kopplat till genus/tjejers rättigheter hos en av våra partnerorganisationer i Kirgizistan. Praktiken är ca 5 månader lång med åtminstone […]

Women-led permaculture initiatives in semi-desert villages of Kyrgyzstan – part 1

Since 2018, CAG has worked within the thematic areas of climate and environment in Central Asia. This year we are piloting permaculture initiatives among rural communities in Kyrgyzstan as an intervention to deal with the problems of food insecurity, environmental degradation and biodiversity loss as well as gender inequality and community health. The pilot project is being implemented with local partner El-Too and was launched in March. This is the first of a series of blog posts about this exciting and innovative project. The villages on the south-west of Issyk-Kul lake, Kyrgyzstan, that are located in semi-desert areas are becoming […]

[English] Youth Workers from Sweden and Poland visit Kyrgyzstan

”Never doubt that a group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – once Margaret Mead said. Such a meaningful statement, isn’t it? We believe that changes come through people; open discussions about challenging issues, exchanging ideas on making the world a better place for each and every one of us.  Central Asia Solidarity Groups, (Sweden) together with its partner organizations Novi Ritm (Kyrgyzstan) and KobieTY (Poland) organized mobility of youth workers that involved more than 20 participants in Kyrgyzstan in January this year. The purpose of the mobility of […]

[English] Environment and Climate Activism Workshops with our partner organization in Kyrgyzstan

What is the climate crisis and what can we do about? These are questions we explored during a two-week climate residency in Osh, Kyrgyzstan with members and staff of youth organization Novi Ritm. It was a fun, challenging, learning-filled, and eye-opening! To answer these questions we dag more deeply into what global climate change is, how different ecosystems are being impacted and what the consequences of that are on individual, community, societal and global levels. In this we took on a climate justice perspective, examining global inequalities and why some communities are being impacted more drastically than others. As the […]

[English] Residence for Climate activist in Kyrgyzstan

Central Asia Solidarity Groups (Centralasiengrupperna) is co-organizing an activist residency in Kyrgyzstan, together with the youth organization Novi Ritm. The residence will take place during 2 weeks in November, primarily based in the southern city of Osh with Novi Ritm as the hosting organization. We are currently looking for suitable candidates for this residence. During the residence the activist will work closely with Novi Ritm and conduct a series of activities, including lectures, workshops, planning sessions and meetings. As Novi Ritm and its young members and volunteers are rather new to the thematic areas of environment and climate, the activist […]

Encouraging youth’s civic activism related to human rights in villages and smaller cities in Southern Kyrgyzstan

This summer, Central Asia Solidarity Group’s main partner organization Novi Ritm organized not one but two subsequent Human Rights Camp in Osh, Kyrgyzstan! Novi Ritm is a youth organization run by youth for youth, working with informal education about human rights, gender equality and conflict prevention, most of the time using peer-to-peer methods. The camps were held within the framework of a common project Novi Ritm and Central Asia Solidarity Groups has for 2018-2019. It aims at increasing the knowledge and awareness about human rights among youth in Southern Kyrgyzstan on both a social and legislative level, and strengthening their […]

Fem dagar i Osh, Kirgizistan

I slutet av april reste jag, Thea, från Växjös lokalförening, tillsammans med IdaLisa från Göteborg och Frida och Linnea från Malmö till Kirgizistan. Vi reste till staden Osh som ligger i södra Kirgizistan, nära gränsen till Uzbekistan. I Osh ligger Novi Ritms hus, en ungdomsorganisation som är en mötesplats där unga kan skapa eller delta i aktiviteter, diskutera sina idéer och fördjupa sina kunskaper och ledarskapssidor. I tre dagar höll vi träningar i civilkurage för 20 ungdomar som är aktiva i Novi Ritm. Det var en fantastisk upplevelse och väldigt kul att hålla träningar som jag så många gånger gjort i Sverige, […]

(English) Coming home from Kyrgyzstan – three months later

It has now almost been three months since me and Emma arrived back in Sweden, after spending four months in Osh, Kyrgyzstan. Previously when I’ve spent some time abroad, I’ve marvelled at the fact that your life just goes back to normal so quickly; you meet up with old friends, walk the same streets as you’ve always walked before, go back to work or school – and all of a sudden it’s like you forget that you’ve just spent the last four or six months in a foreign country – with new friends and different streets – and that you, […]

Med Genus i Fokus – Vår resa till Kirgizistan Del 2

Under våren startade Centralasiengrupperna en så kallad Genusgrupp, som bestått av ett litet antal eldsjälar – nyfikna på att lära sig mer om Kirgizistan och det postsovjetiska Centralasien. Under våren har vi behandlat teman så som internationella relationer, brudkidnappningar och åldersdiskriminering. Vi har dessutom fått delta i ett kunskapsutbyte med några representanter från Centralasiengruppernas partnerorganisation Novi Ritm. De besökte Sverige den 3 till den 10 maj, och vi fick besöka Kirgizistan från den 4 juni till den 11 juni. Här kommer det andra inlägget (av tre) – Häng med oss och inspireras av de fantastiska, om än komplexa, historier vi […]

(English) Social theatre in Sumhat – discussing the issue of suicide among young people in Kyrgyzstan

As you can read about here and here, Novi Ritm’s 1325-team is currently spending most of its time traveling around the regions and towns where we’ve previously held trainings, in order to supervice and document the third and last step of the project, which is: facilitating peace initiatives and regional network working together with issues relating to UNSCR 1325. From the second step of the project: awareness raising and knowledge building activities in the three regions of Osh, Batken and Jalal-Abad, participants from nine of the schools that we’ve visited have been granted money for coming up with and implementing […]