[English] Lola joins Centralasiengrupperna!

After taking my yet the longest flight from Singapore to Copenhagen, I am finally here in Malmo! The past few months I have spent working with children and youth in a beautiful offshore southern city of Vietnam called Vung Tau. It was a great experience learning about the culture, the history and the people of the region once known as Cochinchina. Moving to Sweden meant few drastic changes for me: from hot to cold, from cheap to expensive, from little diversity of Vung Tau to incredibly heterogeneous society of Malmo. As the first weeks in Sweden pass by, I am […]

[English] Project and partnership developer, Eira Fallen

Hello, Eira here! I have been working as the project and partnership developer at CAG since July. I have recently returned from a trip to Kyrgyzstan and Russia where I have visited our partner organisations Novi Ritm and Children of St Petersburg as well as other organisation as we are currently looking for new partnerships. The trip was inspiring, packed with new knowledge and a great start for my new job! My main working tasks are to write applications and to maintain and expand our contacts within our network. I have thus far, with help from the CAG team, submitted […]

[Englsih] Flashback on the Summer Camp 2018

It’s been almost two and a half months since the third part of the joint project “Strengthening Capacity and Skills among Youth Migrants” between Centralasiengrupperna and Children of St. Petersburg was held in Malmö. It was the final part of the project, which was based on the outcomes of previous events, such as mobility of youth workers in December, that consisted of such events as study visits to organisations that work kids, youth and their families with migrational background; and another mobility of youth workers that took place in April in St. Petersburg, where five trainers from Dotterbolaget and Save […]

[Englsih] New intern from Kazakhstan

(If there’s one thing I miss about Almaty its the view on the mountains 24/7) Hello everyone! My name is Ildana and I am a new intern for CAG. In this blog I would like to tell you a little bit about myself, what I am going to do at CAG and a fun fact about me to finish this blog post. I come from Almaty, Kazakhstan and have a bachelors degree in Public Administration and Finance from KIMEP University. Throughout my studies I was an active member of one of the largest NGOs – AIESEC and went through the […]

[English] Central Asia and the Myth of Radicalization

Central Asia, Uzbekistan in particular, has been widely discussed in Sweden because of the terrorist attack in Stockholm on April 7th, 2017. Since then, the major news outlets in Sweden such as Aftonbladet, Dagens Nyheter, Svenska Dagbladet have linked terrorism to Uzbekistan and generally Central Asia.[1] In other words, it is said that the regime creates grounds for radical extremism. The analysis of how the Swedish mass media constructs Central Asia infers that the region is prone to widespread radicalization, terrorist activities, and fundamentalism. But is this really the case? Do the regimes in Central Asia create grounds for extremism […]

Nya strategiska mål 2018-2023

Under Centralasiengruppernas styrelsedagar beslutade styrelsen att anta sex strategiska mål för CAGs verksamhet de närmaste fem åren, till årsmötet 2023. Målen är indelade i sex teman; organisationsstruktur, organisationskultur, partnerskap, informations- och påverkansarbete samt två mål som innebär att förtydliga våra program, tematiska områden och förändringsteori. Målen går att läsa här: Strategic goals CAG

[English] LGBT activist is charged for organising peaceful photo session in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan: Zhanar Sekerbaeva, prominent LGBT activist from Kazakhstan and co-founder of feminist initiative Feminita, based in Almaty, was detained on Wednesday, August 14, 2018. According to Feminita, Zhanar, together with Elena Ivanova, Alina Nevidimko and Polina Pollinium, organized photo session at Arbat street in Almaty on August 9th, 2018, dedicated to de-stigmatization of menstruation that attracted a lot of attention both online and during the session itself. Despite that the photo session was peaceful, it was interrupted by men, who pulled out posters in aggressive manner and threatened to take away mobile phone from one of the participant. The participants […]

Encouraging youth’s civic activism related to human rights in villages and smaller cities in Southern Kyrgyzstan

This summer, Central Asia Solidarity Group’s main partner organization Novi Ritm organized not one but two subsequent Human Rights Camp in Osh, Kyrgyzstan! Novi Ritm is a youth organization run by youth for youth, working with informal education about human rights, gender equality and conflict prevention, most of the time using peer-to-peer methods. The camps were held within the framework of a common project Novi Ritm and Central Asia Solidarity Groups has for 2018-2019. It aims at increasing the knowledge and awareness about human rights among youth in Southern Kyrgyzstan on both a social and legislative level, and strengthening their […]

Fem dagar i Osh, Kirgizistan

I slutet av april reste jag, Thea, från Växjös lokalförening, tillsammans med IdaLisa från Göteborg och Frida och Linnea från Malmö till Kirgizistan. Vi reste till staden Osh som ligger i södra Kirgizistan, nära gränsen till Uzbekistan. I Osh ligger Novi Ritms hus, en ungdomsorganisation som är en mötesplats där unga kan skapa eller delta i aktiviteter, diskutera sina idéer och fördjupa sina kunskaper och ledarskapssidor. I tre dagar höll vi träningar i civilkurage för 20 ungdomar som är aktiva i Novi Ritm. Det var en fantastisk upplevelse och väldigt kul att hålla träningar som jag så många gånger gjort i Sverige, […]

Centralasiengrupperna söker projekt- och partnerskapsutvecklare

Centralasiengrupperna (CAG) är en ideell organisation som är baserad i Malmö. Vi verkar huvudsakligen i postsovjetiska Centralasien inom tematiska områden som mänskliga rättigheter, ungdomsfrågor, genus/HBTQ och kultur, i nära samarbete med centralasiatiska gräsrötter och aktivister. Vi har också vissa projekt och satsningar i Sverige. Nu söker vi en projekt- och partnerskapsutvecklare för att utveckla, fördjupa och expandera våra partnerskap och satsningar inom de tematiska områdena genus och unga. Arbetsuppgifter Som projekt- och partnerskapsutvecklare kommer du att: – Utveckla och fördjupa Centralasiengruppernas partnerskap inom civilsamhället i Centralasien och Ryssland. – Ta fram nya projekt i nära samarbete med våra centralasiatiska och […]