(English) A visit from Sweden

In correspondence with the close partnership that Centralasiengrupperna and Novi Ritm share, this week Annika (Coordinator on Gender and Women’s Rights) and Jessica (previous EVS-volunteer at Novi Ritm and currently working with budgeting and economy in the two projects on a voluntary basis) are visiting from Sweden, the main purpose being to evaluate not only how the projects are coming along, but also in what ways we can continue our partnership. Today we spent the day outside of Osh, namely in Alay (roughly one and half hours drive from Osh), with the purpose of doing a bit of teambuilding but […]

(English) ”They should respect girls like they respect each other” – International Women’s Day in Osh

Today is International Women’s Day and in Kyrgyzstan this is a public holiday. Banners are put up all over the city, wishing women happiness and prosperous lives with many children. For two days the streets in the city center has been filled with flower stands and everywhere you see men caring bouquets and gifts for their wives, mothers and sister. Even I have gotten my fair share of well wishes (for instance, a lady I met at the banya (russian sauna) two weeks ago, sent me a text with roses and hearts). To tell you the truth, I have been […]

Centralasiendagarna 23-24 maj 2014

23-24 maj arrangerar Centralasiengrupperna Centralasiendagarna i Malmö och Lund för första gången. Konsert, samtal och föreläsningar i Malmö samt filmvisning i Lund. Vi vill belysa en annars så obelyst region utifrån olika perspektiv; säkerhet, kultur, feminism, religion läs mer på www.centralasien.org eller kontakta filippa@centralasien.org ————————- Fredag 23e maj VED – konsert och samtal, Kontrapunkt kl. 19.00 Konsert och samtal med bandet VED som turnerat Centralasien under våren. Centralasiatisk mat och annat finns att köpa på plats! Endast Kontrapunkt-medlemmar. Bli medlem på www.kontrapunktmalmo.net ————————- Lördag 24e maj Samtal och Föreläsningar, Garaget 12.00 Hur är det att arbeta som journalist i Uzbekistan, […]