(English) Raising the voices of the young

Newly arrived in Bishkek, we haven’t spent any time being idle. Except for doing some of the city’s most famous cites, spending a whole day skiing in Chunkurchak, eating lots of Kyrgyz food and finding new friends, one of the first things we did was to met with two different NGO’s: Center for the Protection of Children (CPC) and Kloop, an independent media outlet and school of journalism for young people. Summarised in one sentence, these two organisations are all about raising the young voices of Kyrgyzstan. At the CPC we met with Mira, who told us about their work as one of […]

(English) Comics workshop on Gender Issues in Osh

Novi Ritm in Osh hosted a unique two days workshop on how to create comics and share girls problems in a patriarchial society. Workshops were organized by four members of the Swedish feminist collective of cartoonists Dotterbolaget with the collaboration between Centralasiengrupperna. During the first day participants learnt basics of comic drawing and different methods. On the second day, girls depending on their interest and will, were divided into 4 small groups, where they created their own comics on themes such as: bride-kidnapping, street harassment, violence against women and stereotypes. ”Girls group” played a big role in organizing the workshops. […]

Föredrag: Development in Urbanized Settings: A Study of Novostroikas in Bishkek

Centralasiengrupperna, in cooperation with the Social Sciences Student Union at Lund University, wants to welcome you to a lecture on Development in Urbanized Settings. Bermet Zhumakadyr kyzy from Bishkek will talk about the slum around Kyrgyzstan’s capital Bishkek and how the situation is for the people living here. After the lecture there will be time for question and discussion. The lecture will be held in English. It will start at 18.00 at Samvetet, Paradisgatan 5S in Lund. We will serve coffee and cake! 🙂 For questions please contact Gustaf Sörnmo, 0736467661.