Central Asia Days 2021

Central Asia Days took place on 25-26 November 2021 at ABF in Stockholm. We also had a movie screening at Zita Bio on 25 November. The event was well received and we had some fantastic speakers and participants widening our knowledge, providing excellent questions, and generating some very fruitful discussions about gender, climate, education, social cohesion, finance, and development cooperation projects in Central Asia. Participants found the event to be:

‘Det var fantastiskt, väl avvägt mellan olika samhälleliga aspekter och superintressant.

‘I enjoyed it very much and learnt a lot’

‘Very informative’

The feedback showed a strong interest in the region and what a diverse set of learning points attending Central Asia Days and its movie screening provides:

“Framför allt fick jag en ny bild av de makroekonomiska situationerna i de olika länderna och lärde mig mer om deras skuldsättning och det penningpolitiska läget och sedermera om välgörenhetsorganisationernas roll i den Kirgiziska arbetsmarknaden”

“I had no idea that the area had been so unstable after their independence from Soviet Union 1991”

“It was a discovery for me that underground water is also in danger in CA. Also, I didn’t know the depth of problem situation of women in Tajikistan”

Speakers have also expressed interest in membership, continued collaboration as well as mentioned they have expanded their own networks. Participants also provided us with a lot of good ideas for what to include in Central Asia Days 2022:

‘I will continue to read about the developments in the area, especially the situation for women. I just saw a picture from a former colleague from a wedding in Tajikistan where the face of the bride was totally hidden.’

‘Minoritetsgrupper i centralasien och deras situation (exempelvis lyuli) jag skulle också vilja lära mig ännu mer om den makroekonomiska situationen i regionen med kanske mer ett framtidsperspektiv, vad är möjligheterna framåt exempelvis få lära mig mer om möjligheterna med turism osv.’

‘Drönarförbudet i Uzbekistan och planerade turistmålsvisionerna där (satsningar på infrastruktur etc)’

‘I don’t really have any suggestion other than to continue to show movies regarding the situation in Central Asia.’

Thank you to everyone involved! See you at Central Asia Days 2022.