(English)After UNiTE

Hi all, Hope you are well! Time flies, now it is more than a week since the Youth UNiTE- campaign finished and I am happy to say that it went very well! Both people that we knew from before as well as new acquaintances showed up (and I think that even more interested would have showed up had we not shared event days with other happenings such as “Volunteer Day” (a day when students are helping in the society with e.g. stopping cars and helping young and old crossing the street) and even though I do not know Russian, everyone […]

(English) UNiTE campaign coming up!

Hi everyone, This time my blog post will be in English! I know we don’t write on the blog as often as we would like to, but that is because we are busy doing things 🙂 We will try to get a bit better though, but for now, let me tell you a bit about the upcoming event that we have been working on: Youth UNiTE! This three-day event will take place from tomorrow (Thursday) till Saturday, and is within the frame of the UNiTE to end Violence against Women, an UN campaign, which is facilitated by UN Women. It […]