(English) Raising the voices of the young

Newly arrived in Bishkek, we haven’t spent any time being idle. Except for doing some of the city’s most famous cites, spending a whole day skiing in Chunkurchak, eating lots of Kyrgyz food and finding new friends, one of the first things we did was to met with two different NGO’s: Center for the Protection of Children (CPC) and Kloop, an independent media outlet and school of journalism for young people. Summarised in one sentence, these two organisations are all about raising the young voices of Kyrgyzstan. At the CPC we met with Mira, who told us about their work as one of […]

(English) Reflections from training in Ankara

In October-November Centralasiengrupperna co-arranged a training in Ankara about youth activism and the Convention of the Rights of the Child together with Swedish NGO IFALL. There were participants from Sweden, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey and elsewhere present. Here are some reflections from the Kyrgyzstanian participants: Meerim: In October we took part in a Youth Exchange programe in Turkey, Ankara. It became one of the most fruitful experiences for me, i met there new friends from different backgrounds. We took part in different kind of workshops, presentations and study visits, regarding working with children and youth, discrimination and Convention on the Rights of […]