(English) Presentation of Emma, intern at UNICEF Kazakhstan

Emma Rönngren

Hi! My name is Emma Rönngren and I am a second year master student in strategic communication at Lund University. I am currently living in Astana, Kazakhstan where I am doing a two month long internship at the UNICEF country office. The internship is part of my studies and the reasons why I ended up in Kazakhstan are many. First and foremost because of my passion for the Russian language and culture, and my weakness for former Soviet states. I have two bachelor degrees: one in public relations and one in Russian language and literature. During my studies I have lived, worked and studied in Russia, Armenia and Ukraine. After having experienced most of Eastern Europe, it felt more or less like a natural step for me to move to Central Asia.

I am very excited to discover this beautiful country and learn more about Kazakhstan, a country few Swedes know about. Benefitting from a wealth of natural resources, Kazakhstan has graduated to the ranks of a middle-income country. UNICEF’s goal here is to help build a caring and inclusive society, where every child lives in a loving family and community, feels secure, happy and empowered, and enjoys realization of full potential and rights. UNICEF’s work here in Kazakhstan is focused on health, education, child protection and social inclusion. They work with the Government and national and international partners to ensure the rights of all children enshrined in the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).

I will during my internship write blog posts about my work with communications and what the UN agency does to improve the situation for children in Kazakhstan. My ambition is to also travel around Central Asia and if you happen to have any tips (or questions for that matter) do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

I hope you will enjoy the reading!