[English] Bubusara joins Central Asia Solidarity Groups!


My name is Bubusara and I’m very happy and excited to be a part of the Central Asia Solidarity Groups! I spent a lot of my first week in Malmö getting to know and walking around this lovely city. 

I’ve been a member of Novi Ritm, an Osh-based partner organization of CAG, for seven years. Novi Ritm was a starting point of my interest in feminism and human rights. Later, at university, I’ve educated myself a lot about gender and feminism from sociological perspective. This resulted in a senior thesis project titled “Art as an instrument for promoting gender equality in Kyrgyzstan”, where I focused on Kyrgyzstani female artists’ personal perceptions of the effectiveness of art as a tool to promote gender equality in Kyrgyzstan. 

As gender equality and women’s rights are one of the core focuses of CAG, I believe that its work is highly significant and effective in Central Asian countries. As such, I’m hoping that my academic and professional background will be useful for the work of CAG. I am also eager to get involved in organizational activities and increase my knowledge of the mechanisms that contribute to a democratic and just society.

By collaborating with partners, friends, and allies from Central Asia, the project I’m involved with in CAG aims to raise awareness and knowledge about Central Asia among the general Swedish public and to contribute to the change of attitudes and behaviors towards the region. During my three-month stay in Sweden, I will be involved in helping with the organization of various events, working on the evaluation of the partnership between CAG and Novi Ritm, and developing an online platform that will help to restructure CAG’s website. I hope to gain more knowledge about project management, development cooperation, and expand my network by putting myself in such a variety of different settings!

Best regards,