Documents for Annual meeting

Central Asia Solidarity Groups holds Annual meeting on the 15th of March, 10.00-12.30 in Malmö. Attached here are all the meeting documents. CAG Agenda Annual meeting Verksamhetsberättelse 2019 Årsredovisning CAG 2019

Environment and Climate Activism Workshops with our partner organization in Kyrgyzstan

What is the climate crisis and what can we do about? These are questions we explored during a two-week climate residency in Osh, Kyrgyzstan with members and staff of youth organization Novi Ritm. It was a fun, challenging, learning-filled, and eye-opening! To answer these questions we dag more deeply into what global climate change is, how different ecosystems are being impacted and what the consequences of that are on individual, community, societal and global levels. In this we took on a climate justice perspective, examining global inequalities and why some communities are being impacted more drastically than others. As the […]

Climate Change in Central Asia: Current Trends and Challenges

Climate change is a pressing  global challenge that does not respect national borders and is now affecting every country on every continent. This clip focuses on the region of Central Asia and it will  provide you with general information on regional climate-related and environmental challenges. [1]According to the German Development Agency’s research the Central Asian region is suffering more from the consequences of climate change than most other regions of the world. It is predicted that the expansion of deserts and arid areas will continue, while such terrain already make up 80 percent of the total territory of Central Asia. […]

Volunteering opportunity with Central Asia Solidarity Groups

Deadline: January 25th, 2020 Hosting organization: Central Asia Solidarity Groups/Centralasiengrupperna Vacancy: 2 volunteering positions Start date: March (flexible) Duration: 12 months Volunteering opportunity with Central Asia Solidarity Groups The following vacancies are available at the Swedish organization Central Asia Solidarity Groups, through the European Solidarity Project funded by Erasmus+ and managed by the Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society. Candidates, who are interested in these volunteering positions must register at European Solidarity Corps portal and submit their CV together with one page letter of motivation no later than January 25st, 2020. Central Asia Solidarity Groups’ OID is E10064468. Candidates […]

Central Asia Days 2019

On November 24th and November 25th Centralasiengrupperna is hosting the sixth annual Central Asia Days conference in Stockholm! This two-event will include seminars, lectures, discussions, and a movie screening, with activists, civil society members and researchers from Central Asia and Europe. Free admission. Please, sign up here: Full program: November 24, 12.00 – 15.30 ABF Huset (Per-Albin room), Sveavägen 41, Stockholm 12.00 – 12.30 Reception 12.30 – 13.50 Lecture: “I am not really a feminist, but …” conducting feminist research among young women in Tajikistan The lecture will be held by Davlatbegim. She will share her experience of implementing a feminist research project in […]

Residence for Climate activist in Kyrgyzstan

Central Asia Solidarity Groups (Centralasiengrupperna) is co-organizing an activist residency in Kyrgyzstan, together with the youth organization Novi Ritm. The residence will take place during 2 weeks in November, primarily based in the southern city of Osh with Novi Ritm as the hosting organization. We are currently looking for suitable candidates for this residence.   During the residence the activist will work closely with Novi Ritm and conduct a series of activities, including lectures, workshops, planning sessions and meetings. As Novi Ritm and its young members and volunteers are rather new to the thematic areas of environment and climate, the […]

Interview with an activist from Uzbekistan

Photo caption: Freedom to all immediatly Let us welcome Lola to a board of active youth in Central Asia! Lola has been selected as one of the participants of the summer residency arranged by CAG a month ago. Regrettably, Lola was not able to come to Sweden, because of issues with her visa. Nevertheless, we are in touch with Lola and discuss ways of potential collaborations in the future. Lola was born and raised in one of the remote areas of Uzbekistan (more about Uzbekistan: Her family is not big. She has a little niece, who she likes to […]

Positive changes through social coffee shop in Osh

“Social coffee shop brings positive social changes among the youth of Osh”  Our dear friends, We are here today to share some updates from our partner organization in Osh, Kyrgyzstan – Novi Ritm. Lately, Novi Ritm has been expanding and building opportunities for youth of the country to speak up about the challenges in the society of Kyrgyzstan. And today we are going to talk about a specific core area of the organization – social entrepreneurship. It is a new working area for Novi Ritm, but they already created the first social coffee shop in Osh! This blogpost will dwell […]

Summer residency in Sweden with a participant from Tajikistan

“In the near future, I would be happy to see a well-educated and respectful to each  other society in Tajikistan” Last week I had a great pleasure to interview an open, cheerful and persistent person, Mekhrubon, the first ever participant of CAG’s summer residency program from Tajikistan.  The activity was held in Malmö from June 12th until June 27th.   What is summer residency indeed?  Summer residency is part of a larger project that aims to invite civil society representatives from Central Asia to reinforce their capacities in strategic organizational positions by increasing  knowledge, sharing experiences and best practices, exploring method […]

Talgat joins Centralasiengrupperna!

It’s funny how small and interconnected the world is nowadays. After I applied for EVS, I learnt that a few friends of mine have done this program. I just remember them once mentioning that they volunteered in Sweden at Central…? ? … (back then, It was hard to grasp even the name of CAG from the first try) turns out I have completely missed out that part of my friends’ stories. Several years later, here I am at CAG as a new EVS. Coincidence? Probably, not! ? Now I can assure that not only do I know how to pronounce Centralasiengrupperna, […]