Interview with an activist from Uzbekistan

Photo caption: Freedom to all immediatly Let us welcome Lola to a board of active youth in Central Asia! Lola has been selected as one of the participants of the summer residency arranged by CAG a month ago. Regrettably, Lola was not able to come to Sweden, because of issues with her visa. Nevertheless, we are in touch with Lola and discuss ways of potential collaborations in the future. Lola was born and raised in one of the remote areas of Uzbekistan (more about Uzbekistan: Her family is not big. She has a little niece, who she likes to […]


Vernacular design in Central Asia – A showcase of handmade objects from Kyrgyzstan

A man tends to his shop of babies’ cradles at Osh Bazaar, Kyrgyzstan Note to readers: this post was originally published on the author’s Medium account. Check this link to read it from the original source. Central Asia is regarded as a region of excellence when it comes to the production of artifacts such as carpets, textiles and felt. This traditions have been deeply explored and rightfully celebrated, however very little can be found on the design of everyday things in the region. The Southern part of Kyrgyzstan, a rather small country of 5 million, is especially interesting because of […]