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Central Asia Solidarity Groups (CAG) is a democratic, membership based organisation, where members make active contributions to the organisation by supporting the activities and influencing the type of activities undertaken.

As a member of CAG you support the civil society engagement and democratisation process of local activists in Central Asia.

Members are sent a physical copy of the Annual Report alongside regular updates about the work undertaken by CAG and its local partners in Central Asia. You are also invited to the Annual Meeting, where you have the right to vote on decisions concerning the work of the organisation - all to ensure a democratic organisational structure!

CAG runs several types of events throughout the year, which you as a member are more than welcome to attend.

The monthly fee, which is a minimum of 25 SEK, is paid by direct debit. The funds are always used directly in the projects and activities taking place in Central Asia and are never spent on administrative expenses in Sweden.

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