Talgat joins Centralasiengrupperna!

It’s funny how small and interconnected the world is nowadays. After I applied for EVS, I learnt that a few friends of mine have done this program. I just remember them once mentioning that they volunteered in Sweden at Central…? ? … (back then, It was hard to grasp even the name of CAG from the first try) turns out I have completely missed out that part of my friends’ stories. Several years later, here I am at CAG as a new EVS. Coincidence? Probably, not! ? Now I can assure that not only do I know how to pronounce Centralasiengrupperna, […]

Youth workers from Kyrgyzstan and Poland visit Malmö

     “Youth Agents for Change – Combating Discrimination Based on Gender Age and Ethnicity”           Mobility of youth workers in Malmö, Sweden  Dear folks, how did you spend your last few days? For us, these were very intensive and at the same time productive days. CAG together with our partner organizations in Kyrgyzstan – Noviy Ritm and in Poland – KobieTY had a week (May 20-May 26, 2019) of the mobility of youth workers together with civil society organizations working with youth in Sweden.  Participants of the program during an introductory session (Day 1) The […]