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If you would like to financially contribute to Central Asia Solidarity Groups' work, you can:

Make a donation

No donation is too small or too big! Below are our details:

Swish: 1233698479
Bankgiro: 316-1338
Bank account: 9670 0489905 (Sparbanken Skåne)

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You can become a monthly donor by filling out this form. The monthly fee, which is a minimum of 25 SEK, is paid by direct debit. As a monthly donor, you will automatically become a member of the organization, which means you will receive our newsletter, be able to vote at the annual meetings and to get involved in shaping the organization's activities, priorities, and development.

Become a sponsor

Do you represent a company that would like to support Central Asia Solidarity Groups financially? Contact us at [email protected] for more information on how you can help! Your support as a sponsor will enable us to continue promoting democracy and civil society in Central Asia.

Thank you for your contribution!