Annual meeting and relevant documents

  We welcome members and friends of Central Asia Solidarity Groups to join us for the Annual Meeting that will be held online on March 20, 2021 at 9:00 AM. The annual meeting will consist of a presentation of CAG’s work in 2020, including economy, activity plan, electing new board members, chairperson and farewell to resigning board members.  (See the agenda for more details) The Jitsi link will be shared close to the date of the meeting.   Relevant documents can be found here: Annual Meeting Agenda Årsredovisning CAG 2020 Valberedingens förslag Nominating Committee proposal 2021 2022

A visit from Sweden

In correspondence with the close partnership that Centralasiengrupperna and Novi Ritm share, this week Annika (Coordinator on Gender and Women’s Rights) and Jessica (previous EVS-volunteer at Novi Ritm and currently working with budgeting and economy in the two projects on a voluntary basis) are visiting from Sweden, the main purpose being to evaluate not only how the projects are coming along, but also in what ways we can continue our partnership. Today we spent the day outside of Osh, namely in Alay (roughly one and half hours drive from Osh), with the purpose of doing a bit of teambuilding but […]