Everyday life in Osh

In Osh, new things happens all the time and we meet new people everyday. After a few weeks of acclimatizing we have started to get some routines in our life and Osh finally is feeling more like my – at least, second home. In this blogpost I will talk about everyday life in Osh and give example of what we do during our days here. The day usually starts around 08.00 when me and Amanda gets up and we have breakfast in our house. After that we usually head to the gym. We have a really nice gym and since both me […]

“They should respect girls like they respect each other” – International Women’s Day in Osh

Today is International Women’s Day and in Kyrgyzstan this is a public holiday. Banners are put up all over the city, wishing women happiness and prosperous lives with many children. For two days the streets in the city center has been filled with flower stands and everywhere you see men caring bouquets and gifts for their wives, mothers and sister. Even I have gotten my fair share of well wishes (for instance, a lady I met at the banya (russian sauna) two weeks ago, sent me a text with roses and hearts). To tell you the truth, I have been […]

(Swedish) Introducerar: 40 Kirgiziska Kvinnor – Från då till nu

För en månad sen blev projektet ”40 Kirgiziska Kvinnor – Från då till nu” (”40 Women of Kyrgyzstan – From Past to Present”) tillgängligt online via vår hemsida. Sedan dess har nyheten om projektet spridits i olika sociala medier och artiklar. Bland annat skrev Osj-baserade Florian Coppenrath en artikel om projektet på tyska och franska, men trots att den ursprungliga målgruppen var svensk allmänhet har material på svenska uteblivit. Detta ska vi ändra på från och med idag! Den här texten kommer ge en introduktion till projektet och dess olika kanaler. Här kommer vi att ta upp projektets ursprung, process […]

[English] EVS vacancy in Centralasiengrupperna

Date: 24.02.2017  From: Centralasiengrupperna  Vacancies: 2 EVS volunteer positions Start date: August 2017 (flexible) Duration: 12 months EVS vacancy in Swedish NGO Centralasiengrupperna The following vacancies are available at Centralasiengrupperna through a EVS project funded by the Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society. Qualified and eligible individuals interested in applying for this position are requested to submit one page letter of motivation together with CV to info(a)centralasien.org no later than March 20, 2017. Suitable candidates will be invited for an online interview some time after the deadline. Please note that according to project’s requirements, only holders of Russian Federation’s […]

Stuck in bureaucracy

So far – so good. Osh is our new home and I think we have acclimatized us very well. We have a nice house to live in, we have a flow at work, we have new friends and places to hang out at, we have a gym, with a personal trainer (!). Then, after this smooth start, we got stuck in bureaucracy at the migration center. Due to a new rule, our Visas couldn’t get prolonged which meant that we had to leave Kyrgyzstan and then we have to re-apply when coming back to Kyrgyzstan. Our destination: Kazakhstan! Since this […]