[English] EVS vacancy in Centralasiengrupperna

Date: 24.02.2017  From: Centralasiengrupperna  Vacancies: 2 EVS volunteer positions Start date: August 2017 (flexible) Duration: 12 months EVS vacancy in Swedish NGO Centralasiengrupperna The following vacancies are available at Centralasiengrupperna through a EVS project funded by the Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society. Qualified and eligible individuals interested in applying for this position are requested to submit one page letter of motivation together with CV to info(a)centralasien.org no later than March 20, 2017. Suitable candidates will be invited for an online interview some time after the deadline. Please note that according to project’s requirements, only holders of Russian Federation’s […]

Trainings in Batken Oblast with the 1325-team

As many of you know, part of Novi Ritms work during 2016-2017 has been and still is to raise awareness among Kyrgyz youth in relation to the UN Resolution 1325 on women, peace and security. It has previous featured on this blog here and here. Last week the 1325-team plus me and Emma went to Batken Oblast, in order to conduct two trainings on human rights – especially focusing on women rights and 1325. As a way of highlighting harmful structures in society as well as the level of inequality between Kyrgyz men and women, part of the training focused […]

Workshop: Islam and feminism

Disclaimer: CAG is a politically and religiously unbound organization and this blog post mirrors only my own thoughts in connection to this workshop and from spending only one week in Kyrgyzstan. It should also be underlined what is being presented is a small part of the research conducted on the subjects of Islam and feminism, ethnicity and gender. This Friday the staff of Novi Ritm participated in a small workshop about Islam and feminism, which was facilitated by Grace Zhou, an anthropologist who writes her dissertation on gender and informal economy here in Kyrgyzstan. On the picture above you can […]

Raising the voices of the young

Newly arrived in Bishkek, we haven’t spent any time being idle. Except for doing some of the city’s most famous cites, spending a whole day skiing in Chunkurchak, eating lots of Kyrgyz food and finding new friends, one of the first things we did was to met with two different NGO’s: Center for the Protection of Children (CPC) and Kloop, an independent media outlet and school of journalism for young people. Summarised in one sentence, these two organisations are all about raising the young voices of Kyrgyzstan. At the CPC we met with Mira, who told us about their work as one of […]

First dinner in Kyrgyzstan

We (me Emma, and Amanda, the new interns) have arrived to Bishkek today. After a long flight we finally got to our hostel and after that we had some dinner at a restaurant with traditional Kyrgyz food. We also did some shopping at the supermarket. Since we have been awake for 24 hours its time for some sleep. /Emma