Lectures and seminars

A lecture on Russian propaganda in Central Asia by Dr Rashid Gabdulhakov, organized by CAG and UF Malmö.

A seminar on how Kazakhstan is affected by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine by Dr Diana Kudaibergenova and Dr Zhanibek Arynov. Organized by CAG and the The Swedish Development Forum (FuF).

A lecture on Gender in Central Asia by Elena Kim, PhD, Associate Professor at American University of Central Asia.

A lecture on EU-Central Asia relations by Dr Zhanibek Arynov, Postdoctoral Scholar at the Graduate School of Public Policy, Nazarbayev University.

Explainer clips

Central Asia's water crisis: a human security perspective

Women's rights in Central Asia

Stepping stones towards Youth Participation – implementing United Nations Security Council Resolution 2250 in Central Asia

Central Asia and Migration: a Look into the Largest Migration Flow in Eurasia

Civil Society in Central Asia

Climate Change in Central Asia: Current Trends and Challenges

Authoritarianism in Central Asia: Current State and Tendencies of the Regimes

Central Asia on the Global Map

Central Asia and the Myth of Radicalization

Other videos

A clip created by our partner organisation ISDS about the current state of the lake Son-Kul and adjacent territories, as well as about the problems of that area.

An introduction to one of our friend organisation FemAgora.

An interview with Cholpon Chotaeva about Kyrgyzstan organized by the Swedish development forum (FUF) and CAG.

A short film about gender equality and women's rights in southern Kyrgyzstan by Björn Wiberg, Johan Ekenberg och Måns Myrgren.

Trailer for the film about the band Ved's 2014 Central Asia tour, filmed by Maciej Kalymon and Michael Cavanagh.

Malmö band Ved meets the Sufi musicians of the Samo Group from the Pamir Mountains, Tajikistan, during their 2014 Central Asia tour.

[in Swedish] The video challenges the notion of the population in Central Asian countries as passive victims and highlights groups and organizations that enable individuals to take charge of their own lives.