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Central Asia Solidarity Groups hosts a variety of events, for
example Central Asia Days conference, lectures, and different
thematic days. This page contains information about how you
can participate in these events.

Are you looking for a speaker from Central Asia?

We have extensive experience in collaborating with Central Asian scholars, activists and experts. If you want to host an event with the focus on Central Asia and are looking for a speaker, please fill in the form.

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    Become a speaker

    Central Asia Solidarity Groups is always open to host activists, researchers, civil society members and scholars from Central Asia as speakers.

    You can become a speaker at:

    Central Asia Days. A two-day- conference that provides a platform to discuss the developments in the region. The event includes seminars, lectures, discussions, movie screenings with activists, civil society members, and researchers. 
    Different thematic days. For instance, The Swedish Forum for Human Rights - a forum for practitioners, researchers, politicians and NGOs that work with human rights, where CAG participates in by inviting speakers from Central Asia to host a seminar on specific topics about the region. 
    Lectures. Throughout the year, CAG hosts lectures on various themes related to Central Asia and welcomes speakers from the region.

    Fill in the form if you are interested and we will contact you.

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      Co-organize events with Central Asia Solidarity Groups

      Organizations and initiatives based in Sweden are welcome to co-organize events with the focus on Central Asia with Central Asia Solidarity Groups. Please, fill in the form below and we will contact you.


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