The Swedish Forum for Human Rights 2021

Central Asia Solidarity Groups (CAG’s) aims to promote a strong and inclusive civil society that contributes to protection of human rights and achieving social justice in Central Asia. We primarily work within the thematic fields of youth, climate, gender and conflict transformation through long-term solidarity work and capacity building activities. Our geographic focus is the five post-Soviet republics of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan. 

To support its main mission, CAG is actively involved and participating in events addressing human rights issues from different perspectives to raise awareness about the human rights situation in Central Asia. One of these events is the Swedish Forum for Human Rights that took place 19-21st of April. 

The Swedish Forum for Human Rights is the biggest Scandinavian event for human rights. This year due to COVID the event has gone digital. Every year the Forum offers more than 200 lectures, workshops and seminars for everyone who is interested in human rights. 

CAG was one of participants along with different CSOs, NGOs, grassroots and other actors this year. CAG’s digital stall included our publications on topics such as youth activism and feminism movements in Central Asia, annual reports, exhibitions as well as explainer clips to ensure the audience had a wide variety of sources to learn more about Central Asian civil society. Our role play game and a Central Asia quiz featured as interactive activities for attendees.

Apart from the exhibition stall CAG organized a mini-seminar on the topic “How ecology affects peace and conflict in Central Asia” with the focus on the ecological issues of Central Asia, the role of the local communities in environmental protection and how climate change is affecting the region. The seminar was held by Ilia Domashov, Nature conservation specialist, ecologist, acting Associate Professor of Higher School of Medicine in Bishkek. 

Please note that the exhibition stall and mini-seminar will be available for the next 3 months: 

Written by Gyunay Mamedova