Role Play Game: LGBTQ, climate and mental health in Central Asia

Central Asia Solidarity Groups have launched a new digital role-play game on human rights issues in Central Asia. The plot of this interactive game is built around storylines and different case studies which present players with background information about the topic. There are four storylines representing particular groups and their struggles:

  1. LGBTQ+ person from rural area
  2. Female eco-activists 
  3. Non-binary persons 
  4. Persons with mental illnesses 

Through the game the participants put themselves in the shoes of an assigned character and make decisions based on the given options and context, once they reach the final destination they will be provided with the actual reality in the region, thus enabling the deeper learning of participants about the context, developments around the given themes.

Through the Role Play we aim to shed a light on development cooperation in Central Asia, civil society, as well as the 2030 agenda points linked to democratization, gender and human rights.  Role Play game is our attempt to provide accurate information about the given contexts and themes, and foremost, to raise awareness about the region and its current challenges. The game is in English and available and can be accessed by anyone interested.

Besides immersing yourselves into the circumstances that expose individuals and groups to vulnerable life situations, affecting their future prospects, you also learn about other issues in  Central Asia, Central Asia Solidarity Groups’ activities implemented in Sweden as well as joint activities in Central Asia.

Follow the link  to play our role play game online!