Partnership with Novi Ritm

In recent years, Kyrgyzstan has witnessed democratic backsliding characterized by centralization of power, human rights violations, and restrictions on civil society and media. This marks a departure from its previous status as a beacon of democracy in Central Asia. In this context, the longstanding importance of youth engagement in social and political life remains critical. 

The level of civic participation and commitment of young people in the realization and advocacy of human rights in Kyrgyzstan is severely limited. Opportunities for youth to voice their concerns on socio-political matters are scarce, and even rarer is their inclusion in decision-making processes. This situation is particularly challenging for young women, as systemic discrimination, fueled by patriarchal cultural norms, severely restricts their autonomy, relegating them to subservient roles dictated by men and familial expectations.

Novi Ritm, a youth feminist organization, aims to tackle these challenges by offering resources and knowledge to young people in southern Kyrgyzstan. The organization aims to empower the youth to actively engage in civic participation, advocating for human rights and gender equality. Novi Ritm’s main goal is to foster an active, effective, and diverse civil society.

Novi Ritm and Central Asia Solidarity Groups have implemented development cooperation projects together since 2014, alongside conducting internships, residencies, and youth exchanges. CAG has supported Novi Ritm from the beginning and played an important role in the establishment of the organization.

Since 2023, the collaboration receives its funding from SIDA through ForumCiv's Large Partnership Funding program.

Long-term goal of cooperation

To ensure that the youth of southern Kyrgyzstan, especially girls and women, are aware of their rights and actively participate in the protection of human rights as an integral part of a democratic and diverse civil society at the community, local, and national levels.

Main achievements

  • Founding Novi Ritm as the pioneering feminist youth organization in Southern Kyrgyzstan, now widely recognized throughout the region.
  • Establishing a physical platform for young people to convene and initiate their own democratic youth initiatives.
  • Achieving significant outreach through various activities in the fields of human rights, gender equality, environmental justice, social entrepreneurship, and conflict prevention.
  • Establishment of collaboration between Novi Ritm and local educational and government institutions, as well as with youth and feminist organizations.
  • Pioneering the first demonstration in Osh dedicated to the International Women’s Day.
  • Observed changes in attitudes and behaviors among youth in southern Kyrgyzstan, increased youth activism in the region.

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