Board 2023-2024

Lola Matmusaeva, Chairperson
My name is Lola and I am a Chairperson of Central Asia Solidarity Groups. Since my teenage years, I was involved in a youth-led activism in the south of Kyrgyzstan promoting intercultural dialogue, post-conflict reconciliation and gender equality. I closely worked with CAG first back in 2013 in my capacity as a project coordinator at one of its main partner organisations in Central Asia. In 2018 I got to work at CAG’s head office in Malmö with projects running both in Sweden and Central Asia. Currently, I am pursuing my Masters in International Development and Management at Lund University, and being co-chairperson of the board is a great opportunity to contribute to the development of Kyrgyzstan and overall the Central Asian region while being abroad.

Sandra Hagelin, vice Chairperson
My name is Sandra Hagelin, I have not previously been actively involved with CAG before becoming a board member. My primary expertise within the parameters of CAG's work is within areas of development and security. I am currently pursuing doctoral studies at the University of Tartu where my main research concerns borders in times of crisis, specifically the connection between the framing of borders and European integration. My previous experience from the Central Asia region is primarily that of studies on the, so called, post-soviet space both during an exchange at the St Petersburg State University and as part of my M.A in East European studies from the University of Amsterdam. In addition, I have a long experience as an active member of the Swedish civil society, primarily within the Church of Sweden, but also from RKUF. I appreciate the opportunity to engage further with the Central Asia region and look forward to contribute to the work that CAG and partner organizations are conducting.


Gustaf Sörnmo, treasurer
My name is Gustaf and I'm the founder and currently the treasurer of Central Asia Solidarity Groups. My interest in Central Asia started in 2009 when I travelled to Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, meeting activist groups and civil society representatives in a wide range of thematic areas. From this trip the informal network that was to become CAG was born. Since our formalization in 2012, I have been based both in Sweden and Central Asia, working with areas such as strategic planning, partnerships in Central Asia, project coordination, project design and resource mobilization, among other things. Between the years 2012-2018, I was the chairperson of CAG. Aside from my work as chairperson and coordinator in CAG, I have launched/co-founded several other CSOs.

Johan Blomqvist, board member
I'm Johan Blomqvist, board member at Central Asia Solidarity Groups. I first got involved with the Central Asia Solidarity Groups when I went to Kyrgyzstan as an EVS volunteer for an year in 2014-2015, working with one of CAG's partner organisations on a project to strengthen young people's abilities to make change happen in their own lives and local communities on their own terms. After the project I continued my engagement in CAG as a board member, as I want to contribute to a region where the needs and human rights of people are met, and where social inclusion can happen in more equal societies.

Talgat Subanaliev, board member
Hej! My name is Talgat. I am thrilled to join Centralasiengrupperna as a board member. I have been utterly involved in most of the organization's activities and projects implementation and the office work since 2019. Prior to CAG, I have had extensive volunteering experiences stretching from local social projects to international projects as well as gaining work experiences in local and international organizations. I majored in Journalism and Mass Communication at the American University of Central Asia. I have gained precious work experience at CAG and I am looking forward to contributing back in many different ways.

Maria Petersson, board member
My name is Maria and I am a former project manager at CAG. Having worked closely with some of the current partners and inspiring sustainable projects, I’m now back as a board member and therefore given the privilege to continue to follow current and new partner organisations and projects, as well as trying to contribute to the continued positive impact of CAG's work in whichever ways possible. I have worked in the third sector, and primarily in development cooperation, since 2016 - a passion that helped me complete an MSc in Poverty Reduction at SOAS in 2021.