Tattybubu Tursunbayeva

Таттыбүбү Турсунбаева

Tattybubu Tursunbayeva was a famous actress who was born on July 12, 1944 in Chayek village, Naryn oblast. She was born in a peasant family, but by age 16 recorded for the first time in the short feature “Salima's Song”. Only 17 years old, she began her studies at the Tashkent Theatrical Institute, which she graduated from in 1966.

The actress began working in the Kyrgyz State Drama Theatre and during her career she played over 30 roles on stage. Among these characters, she played Juliet (“Romeo and Juliet”), Amelia (“The House of Bernarda Alba”), and Bianca (“Taming of the Shrew”). Tursunbayeva’s first big role on screen was as Ak-Meer in the movie “Ak-Meer” by Melis Ubukeev, which resulted in nationwide recognition for her talents. On top of this, she married and had children, but divorced 10 years later. She was rewarded Honored Artist of the Kirghiz SSR and, in April 2014, a monument in Bishkek was raised in her honor. Tursunbayeva died suddenly in December 1981, at only 37 years old.

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