Aliman Jangorozova

Алиман Джангорозова

On December 31, 1914, Aliman Jangorozova was born in the village Sarytologoi located in the Issyk-Kul oblast. She became an actress of the Kyrgyz Drama Theatre in 1934, and has through her life performed on the stages of Issyk-Kul (1937-1943), Naryn (1943-1946) and Osh (1934-1937) oblasts. In 1967, Jangorozova became the People's Artist of the Kirghiz SSR.

She extended her acting to TV shows and films between the years of 1966 and 1991. For instance, she played the mother Janyl in the 1968 film version of Jamila (Джамиля). During her decades of acting, she personified over 160 role characters. She passed away in December 29, 1993, almost 79 years old.

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