Our overall aim is to promote a democratic Central Asia with a strong, active and inclusive civil society that contributes to human rights being respected and social justice achieved.

We organize free lectures in our thematic areas, which also correspond with the global goals 5, 13, 15, and 16 of Agenda 2030:

  • Democratic youth organizing,
  • Gender equality,
  • Security and resilience,
  • Climate and environment.

Lectures are intended for students studying development studies, peace and conflict studies, gender, or environment. Our lectures can give the students access to exciting new case studies that can help further contextualize course material, but they are also aimed at the interested public or associations working on issues linked to our thematic areas and the Agenda 2030.

  • The lecturers are based in Central Asia and work at one of our partner organizations or local universities in the region.
  • We arrange speakers and dates with you, free of charge, as part of our information and advocacy work in Sweden.
  • The lecture can take place via e.g. Zoom or Teams, is given in English and there are plenty of opportunities to discuss the topics covered.

To arrange a lecture or for more information, please contact [email protected].

Our resource base contains numerous recorded lectures by knowledgeable academics from Central Asia, in collaboration with Centralasiengrupperna. These lectures are available for teachers, students, and anyone interested in the topics covered.

Dr Zhanibek Arynov lecture on EU-Central Asia relations

American University of Central Asia Associate Professor and PhD Elena Kim on Gender in Central Asia

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