[English] Lola joins Centralasiengrupperna!

After taking my yet the longest flight from Singapore to Copenhagen, I am finally here in Malmo! The past few months I have spent working with children and youth in a beautiful offshore southern city of Vietnam called Vung Tau. It was a great experience learning about the culture, the history and the people of the region once known as Cochinchina. Moving to Sweden meant few drastic changes for me: from hot to cold, from cheap to expensive, from little diversity of Vung Tau to incredibly heterogeneous society of Malmo. As the first weeks in Sweden pass by, I am […]

(English) A visit from Sweden

In correspondence with the close partnership that Centralasiengrupperna and Novi Ritm share, this week Annika (Coordinator on Gender and Women’s Rights) and Jessica (previous EVS-volunteer at Novi Ritm and currently working with budgeting and economy in the two projects on a voluntary basis) are visiting from Sweden, the main purpose being to evaluate not only how the projects are coming along, but also in what ways we can continue our partnership. Today we spent the day outside of Osh, namely in Alay (roughly one and half hours drive from Osh), with the purpose of doing a bit of teambuilding but […]

(English) Hello

Hi, My name is Jessica Bragd and I am from Värnamo, a small town in the south of Sweden. I am one of the EVS-volunteers to Kyrgyzstan and I am excited to see a new country and culture! Even though I have lived and studied in different places in Sweden and the world, I have never been in specifically this part before and it is all very exciting! Finishing High School, I took some years off and worked and travelled as well as studied some courses in different subjects. Finally I attended the programme for International crisis and conflict management, […]

(English) Hello Kyrgyzstan!

My name is Johan Blomqvist and I have come to your beautiful country as a part of CAG’s and Novyj Ritm’s amazing team in Osh. I know this year is going to be great and filled with many new and exciting experiences, with a lot of good times, new people, food, language(s) and a new culture. I have a background in development studies, and welfare policies and management. I have just graduated from my masters program, and I am very happy that I managed to get the chance to experience and work in a – from a Swedish perspective – […]

(English) Regina Saribzhanova – EVS volunteer from Kyrgyzstan

Hej, In this post you can get to know me. My name is Regina and I’m from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.  I represent the Central Asian part of EVS exchange in CAG. Why I’m here? Collaboration, exchange, improvement. Who I am? I would like to call myself a citizen of the universe, so I’m Activist, Feminist and Pacifist. This is only my Light Side. ☯ Why CAG? We share philosophy how society should function and ourselves in it as an “active responsible citizen”. CAG is a good platform to have a chance to represent Kyrgyz community and share knowledge and experience with who is […]

(English) Introductions! Introductions! New EVS from Kyrgyzstan!

Dear reader, The first thing that you should know about me is that I feel extremely self-conscious writing this blog post about myself. That being said let me introduce myself :-). My name is Bermet, I am from Kyrgyzstan. This year I will be volunteering through European Volunteer Service program at Centralasiengrupperna (CAG) and Tamam. I am excited and looking forward to it! My first encounter with concept of volunteering was meeting Peace Corps volunteers from the United States in my hometown village in Kyrgyzstan. I was 13-15 back then and I do remember how people in my village questioned […]