After taking my yet the longest flight from Singapore to Copenhagen, I am finally here in Malmo! The past few months I have spent working with children and youth in a beautiful offshore southern city of Vietnam called Vung Tau. It was a great experience learning about the culture, the history and the people of the region once known as Cochinchina. Moving to Sweden meant few drastic changes for me: from hot to cold, from cheap to expensive, from little diversity of Vung Tau to incredibly heterogeneous society of Malmo. As the first weeks in Sweden pass by, I am still adjusting to the changes, and one of the first steps was to acquire a winter coat and boots- half done through that task! 🙂

While I am adapting to the new environment, Centralasiengrupperna with its energetic and socially conscious staff feels as comfortable as an old shoe. I am very excited to be working with civil society organizations in Central Asia on development cooperation and capacity building projects as well as cultural exchanges to strengthen the relations between Eurasia and Sweden. In addition to being involved in the implementation of already existing projects, I will be engaged in the project idea development for future endeavors; establishing contacts and partnerships with organizations of similar focus in Central Asia and Sweden. Additionally, I will be engaged in raising awareness of Central Asia in Sweden through helping to organize events and exhibitions along with conducting lectures and coordinating study circles. For example, we kicked off our Central Asia through gender perspective meetings this Monday (Oct 15) and the Central Asia Days in Stockholm are coming up – if you are in the capital on Nov 25-27, 2018, make sure to visit!

I will be in touch more with the updates on my EVS work, until then take care!