Eira here! I have been working as the project and partnership developer at CAG since July. I have recently returned from a trip to Kyrgyzstan and Russia where I have visited our partner organisations Novi Ritm and Children of St
Petersburg as well as other organisation as we are currently looking for new partnerships. The trip was inspiring, packed with new knowledge and a great start for my new job!

My main working tasks are to write applications and to maintain and expand our contacts within our network. I have thus far, with help from the CAG team, submitted an application for a small capacity building project linked to SR 2250. The project has been approved and is in the first stages of its implementation phase. It will also entail an additional trip for me to Central Asia, this time to Tajikistan and Kazakhstan and I am excited to discover the region

The work at Centralasiengrupperna has thus far been interesting, dynamic and, as always with new positions, filled with new things to learn. I really enjoy working on issues related to youth and gender equality and I am keen for the study circles on gender, which will be organised by our intern, Ildana to start. I hope to see you there!