Hej, everyone! My name is Kseniia Grishniakova and in the middle of November I’ve started my volunteer year in Centralasiengrupperna. Originally I’m from Saint Petersburg, Russia, but here to Sweden came straight forward from Gdynia, Poland where I’ve resided for a bit more than year (1 year and 3 months, to be exact) .According to my education, I’m a specialist in International relations related with Nordic region and a teacher of Russian as a foreign language. After I’ve graduated from my second university in 2015, I got to know Children of Saint Petersburg – volunteer organisation, which provides free Russian language courses for kids and teenagers and other useful activities for socializing and integrating for a migrant youth. I spent there as a teacher almost 1 year full of challenges, great lessons and grateful kids and their parents. Via Children of Saint Petersburg I learned about an opportunity to become an EVS volunteer in CAG, therefore I decided to take it without hesitation and become a useful unit in helping these two courageous organisations in achieving their common goals.

First months were thrilling, exciting and full of events and more of them are coming soon, as well! However, I’m looking forward to learn a lot, take my responsibilities and keep you posted regarding positive changes we’ve archive together on the both sides of this collaboration.

Stay tuned!