In October-November Centralasiengrupperna co-arranged a training in Ankara about youth activism and the Convention of the Rights of the Child together with Swedish NGO IFALL. There were participants from Sweden, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey and elsewhere present. Here are some reflections from the Kyrgyzstanian participants:

Meerim: In October we took part in a Youth Exchange programe in Turkey, Ankara. It became one of the most fruitful experiences for me, i met there new friends from different backgrounds. We took part in different kind of workshops, presentations and study visits, regarding working with children and youth, discrimination and Convention on the Rights of the Child conducted by trainers from both Sweden and Turkey. I got high motivated to continue my volunteer work from this project.

P.S Everything was organized on a high level, special thanx to ”Organizers”.

Aiym: It was awesome week. I think this exchange is the best educational  Youth Exchange between young people. We had learned many methods of doing activities. We got motivated doing activities together with others in Osh. We are looking forward to share this experience with others as well.

Nurbek:  I have a lot of things to say, over past one week we gained a lot. I can say that we became more interested not only in traveling, but also in getting new helpful information about the Convention on the Rights of the Child, different  methods in organizing entertainments became more social in solving problems, in conflict situations. It was the challenge to increase our ambition of beeing volunteer.


We participants of  Youth Exchange programe want to say special ”Thanx” for organizers, those people who put their time in organizing this fruitful Exchange. We had gained important information about the Convention on the Child Rights, about the solution in conflict situations, group dynamics and creative drama. Everything was perfect. We had a lot of fun.