My name is Jessica Bragd and I am from Värnamo, a small town in the south of Sweden. I am one of the EVS-volunteers to Kyrgyzstan and I am excited to see a new country and culture! Even though I have lived and studied in different places in Sweden and the world, I have never been in specifically this part before and it is all very exciting!

Finishing High School, I took some years off and worked and travelled as well as studied some courses in different subjects. Finally I attended the programme for International crisis and conflict management, followed by a master in crisis management and peace building, both in Sweden.

I have often worked with children and youth, both as a work, with lonely coming refugee youths, and as a volunteer in different local groups, e.g. UNICEF groups, then working with spreading information and collecting money. Last years I have been a volunteer in a language café for immigrants in Sweden, a place where they can come and practice Swedish. Through volunteering you have the possibility to put yourself in different contexts, get different experiences and learn about yourself, and I appreciate all of this.

When I saw the advert for becoming an EVS-volunteer in Kyrgyzstan I immediately got very interested.  As many Swedes, I did not know that much about Kyrgyzstan before, and the opportunity to  live in the country for some time, together with the possibility to work with an organization with youth and children was very tempting. Human Rights and especially issues and rights concerning children and women have always been of special interest for me and I look forward to see how we can use it in the work.  I am also excited to see how Novyj Ritm works and develops throughout the year.

When I don’t travel or work I enjoy going to the cinema, reading and being with friends and family. When I believe no one is watching I sing along with songs on the radio, dance to my favourite music and daydream. I also enjoy visiting museums and I am looking forward to visit historic places in Kyrgyzstan, and to get to know the country and its people!