My name is Johan Blomqvist and I have come to your beautiful country as a part of CAG’s and Novyj Ritm’s amazing team in Osh. I know this year is going to be great and filled with many new and exciting experiences, with a lot of good times, new people, food, language(s) and a new culture.

I have a background in development studies, and welfare policies and management. I have just graduated from my masters program, and I am very happy that I managed to get the chance to experience and work in a – from a Swedish perspective – unusual place like Kyrgyzstan. For a while now I have been working with kids and young people, and building bridges between otherwise segregated worlds – but within a Swedish context.

I am always happy to explore new places and people. So far I have been traveling mainly in India and Nepal, and a little bit around the Caribbean. This has taught me many things, not only about other countries, their people and cultures – but also about myself and about the context of my own background and Western society.

Right now I’m learning Russian (or trying to), while digesting everything that is new around me. I am really looking forward to getting to Osh to meet everyone and to see my new home. I am also very happy to learn more about Kyrgyzstan, and Kyrgyz society and culture – and to get to work with many new and exciting activities, projects and amazing people.

That’s it for now, but much more to come!