In this post you can get to know me. My name is Regina and I’m from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.  I represent the Central Asian part of EVS exchange in CAG.

Why I’m here?
Collaboration, exchange, improvement.

Who I am?
I would like to call myself a citizen of the universe, so I’m Activist, Feminist and Pacifist. This is only my Light Side. ☯

Why CAG?
We share philosophy how society should function and ourselves in it as an “active responsible citizen”. CAG is a good platform to have a chance to represent Kyrgyz community and share knowledge and experience with who is fascinating about CA region and wants to know more. Furthermore I’m looking forward to getting know more about Swedish culture and experienced to work in CAG and TAMAM team.

What I have done before?
I started volunteer work from 2005 when I saw ads in a local newspaper,  that was a good start. I used to volunteer with children with special needs and orphanages, in Montessori kindergarten, as well in Bishkek and abroad. Voluntarism is a huge path for me to challenge myself in a different way with a strong need to be active as much as I can in social life, policy and activism for human rights, for equality and non-violent society. In this way I’m involved in the Bishkek Feminists Collective SQ since 2011 and I think, this particular collective very significant for my transition between voluntarism with children and activism in a more particular way.

CAG in my next step, to gain experience in a broad way, which include different side of one goal, through transnational projects, new ideas and collaboration for social projects and cultural projects. I glad to work this year in CAG and I’m sure, time here will give a great experience and more understanding of different aspects of society, communities, culture and bring transformation in my life.

Regina Saribzhanova

Arslan Bob, Jalal Abad region, Kyrgyzstan