Allt för ofta ses befolkningen i flertalet länder, såsom de centralasiatiska, som passiva offer i behov av hjälp. Det är ett synsätt som missar människors förmåga att själva bestämma över och ta hand om sina liv. I denna video presenterar vi grupper, organisationer och aktivistnätverk som gör just detta.

Kyrgyzstan, a young country that gained its independence after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, but are still an unknown country for many Swedes and other europeans. So for this episode of Voices from the world with the Swedish development forum (FUF), we decided to gain more knowledges on the country, its people and history. The interview is done in collaboration with Centralasiengrupperna.

The clip is created within the information project at Centralasiengrupperna. It provides analysis of the radicalization processes in Central Asia, and exaggeration of these by the mainstream international organizations and mass media.

The clip provides some insights into the history of women's rights as well as it touches upon current challenges that women face in different societal, economic, and political levels.

Stepping stones towards Youth Participation – implementing United Nations Security Council Resolution 2250 in Central Asia

The clip explores the topic of the largest migration flow in Eurasia - migration and Central Asia.

The clip provides analysis and regional perspective of civil society in Central Asia.

In our effort to raise awareness about Central Asia, Centralasiengrupperna have created an explainer clip dedicated to climate change in Central Asia.

Learn more about Central Asia by watching another explainer clip created by Centralasiengrupperna! Considering all nuances of each country, the clip manages to provide really interesting insight into how political regimes look like today in five Central Asian states.

En kortfilm om jämställdhet och kvinnors rättigheter i södra Kirgizstan av Björn Wiberg, Johan Ekenberg och Måns Myrgren.

Trailer till filmen om Veds Centralasienturné 2014. Filmat av Maciej Kalymon och Michael Cavanagh.

Malmöbandet Ved möter sufimusikerna i Samo Group från Pamirbergen, Tadzjikistan, under sin Centralasienturné 2014.

This explainer clip dwells into relations between Central Asia and other regions of the world, as well as provides analysis of how Central Asia is perceived as a region.