The lack of cultural exchange between post-Soviet Central Asia and Sweden/Europe is a sad fact that we have been willing to positively influence for a long time. Last year we created Central Asian cultural platform via increased networking among Centralasiengrupperna and cultural actors in the region, and some pilot projects. Our goal is to work actively and comprehensively in this thematic area in the future, and base our work on collaborations with actors, musicians, filmmakers, cartoonists, etc. In particular, we are interested in cultural projects and artistic collaborations that relate to our other thematic areas and where culture can be used as a tool to promote the fight for democratic rights and freedoms. Moreover Central Asia is a region where many traditional forms of cultural expressions are being lost or forgotten and this is something that we want to alleviate.

Some of CAG's activities

  • Artistic residence of cartoonist from Dotterbolaget in Kyrgyzstan
  • Grasroots comics
  • Central Asian tour and music exchange with Ved music band
  • Travel with various Swedish artists (filmmakers, cultural operators, musicians)
  • Local project "Forma" in Skåne related to crafts and design