It’s funny how small and interconnected the world is nowadays. After I applied for EVS, I learnt that a few friends of mine have done this program. I just remember them once mentioning that they volunteered in Sweden at Central…? ? … (back then, It was hard to grasp even the name of CAG from the first try) turns out I have completely missed out that part of my friends’ stories.

Several years later, here I am at CAG as a new EVS. Coincidence? Probably, not! ? Now I can assure that not only do I know how to pronounce Centralasiengrupperna, but also I am very excited to becoming part of the organization and volunteer in its ongoing projects and events, and potentially develop new ideas and bring to live meaningful projects.

It feels exciting to be part of CAG because, even though being far away from home, I do not feel completely detached from home as we work on projects that are related to Central Asian region. Here I get to observe my own country and region from different perspectives and think of in what ways I could potentially contribute to its development.

Prior to EVS, I have had a very extensive volunteering experiences stretching from local social projects to international projects. Locally I worked with blind people, children with cerebral palsy, conducted rehabilitation camp for children from Osh (a town in the south of Kyrgyzstan) who have suffered or witnessed bloody interethnic clashes. Internationally, I have volunteered for SCI – Service Civil International in Germany. I had an amazing opportunity to camp in Neuengamme Concentration Camp Memorial in Hamburg and fully immerse into history of the Holocaust. During the two weeks, we worked in the archives selecting and writing stories for the audio guides and creating audio guides. It was a stupendous experience where I had a chance to broaden my understanding, learn more about Holocaust from first hand sources and meet like-minded people.

I hope that EVS will be an opportunity for me to learn, gain and exchange experience in a diverse international setting.  From my own side I can add that I am cheerful, optimistic and easygoing person who loves to learn new languages, be part of socially mobile youth and contribute through volunteering service.