Deadline: January 18th, 2019
Hosting organization: Public Union “Noviy Ritm” (Kyrgyzstan)
Vacancy: 1 EVS position
Start date: March (flexible)
Duration: 12 months

EVS vacancy at NGO Public Union “Noviy Ritm” based in Kyrgyzstan

The following vacancy is available at Public Union Noviy Ritm, through the  EVS project funded by Erasmus+ and managed by the Education, Culture and Audiovisual Executive Agency. Qualified and eligible individuals who are interested in applying for this position are requested to submit their CV together with a one page letter of motivation and one piece of academic paper no more than seven pages (a piece can be an extract from a larger academic paper) to no later than 18th of December, 2019. Suitable candidates will then be invited to the second round of the selection process, which will include testing and interviews.

Please note that according to project’s requirements, only holders of Swedish passports may apply for the position, who also must be aged 17-30.

Project’s aim and description:

The aim of the project is to work on elimination of discrimination based on age, gender and ethnicity in Sweden, Poland and Kyrgyzstan by accepting youth in local communities as agents for change, who strive for a more democratic and inclusive society. Accordingly, the objectives of the project are:

  • To build capacity of youth and youth organizations in southern Kyrgyzstan by using innovative methodologies
  • To sensitize community members regarding discrimination based on age, gender and ethnicity through meetings and information campaigns
  • To enable young people to become active citizens within their communities, who demand their rights through democratic processes
  • To create regional and international platforms for young people to exchange best practices and experiences

This is done through:

  • Capacity-building activities
  • Community outreach and mobilization
  • Meetings between young people and duty-bearers
  • European Voluntary Service
  • Mobility of youth workers

EVS volunteers will primarily be working with objectives of the project with other EVSes based in Poland and Sweden to reach the overall aim of the project. In addition, EVSes will have responsibilities to:

  • Network with local civil society organizations and local duty barriers;
  • Co-organize transnational  exchange visits among Poland, Sweden, and Kyrgyz Republic alongside with other EVS volunteers in Poland and Sweden;
  • Co-organize methodological trainings for members of PU “Noviy Ritm” (on RBA, democratic organization, creative methods and non-formal educational methods);
  • Co-organize trainings and workshops on project aims for youth and teachers;
  • Co-organize conferences, peace tables and information campaigns;  
  • Provide support in organizing and facilitating events within Noviy Ritm (dialogue meetings, workshops, trainings, seminars, events);
  • Assist Noviy Ritm’s team in the process of project application writing;
  • Assist Noviy Ritm with recruiting new volunteers and participants;
  • Assist Noviy Ritm’s PR-manager in SMM;
  • Provide translations and interpretations if needed;
  • Implement own projects that are compatible with work of Noviy Ritm;  
  • Assist in report writing.


  • Experience of engagement in civil society;
  • SMM and IT skills;
  • Independence, responsibility and responsiveness;
  • Knowledge of Central Asian contexts/culture;
  • Fluency in written and spoken English, knowledge of Russian is an advantage;
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills (public speaking is a plus)
  • Positive problem-solving approach;
  • Stress resistance;
  • Good interpersonal and team-working skills;

About Noviy Ritm and your EVS experience

Noviy Ritm is a nonprofit organization that is politically and religiously neutral, based in Osh, Kyrgyz Republic.Our goal is to promote an active, influential, and diverse civil society; to foster active citizens; and widen the horizons of future generations in order to facilitate a society in which human rights are respected. We do this through providing a platform where youth have the opportunity to gather and realize their ideas for the benefit of societal development. We are primarily active in the thematic fields of youth, gender, Human Rights, conflict management and anti- discrimination in South part of Kyrgyz Republic.

As an EVS participant you will have a chance to gain experience of being part of non-governmental organization in Kyrgyz Republic and be involved in other activities of local CSOs and social centers. You will also participate in on- arrival and mid-term trainings in Osh, Kyrgyz Republic and upon completion of the program, you will be provided with Youthpass Certificate. You can find more information about Youthpass here: will provide EVS volunteers with monthly allowance that will cover accommodation and daily living costs. The EVS is envisioned to be a full-time position with flexible working hours amounting in seven working hours per day.

For more information about Noviy Ritm, please visit:

What is European Voluntary Service (EVS)

European Voluntary Service (EVS) is the European Commission’s project that allows a young person (17-30 years) to become a volunteer in another country for a specified period, normally between 2-12 months.

The service activities can be, for example, in the field of environment, arts and culture, activities with children, young people or the elderly, heritage or sports and leisure activities. The project has to take place in a country other than where the volunteers live, is non-profit-making and lasts for a limited period (maximum 12 months).

Participation in EVS is free of charge for the volunteer, except for the contribution to travel costs, which equals 10% of travel costs. Also, the volunteer is not entitled to reimbursement of expenses that are not related to the project. The project coordinating organization, Centralasiengrupperna, will cover costs related to international travel, visas and insurance.